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  • Conscious Cocktails with Shannon

    "Let thy food be thy medicine and thy medicine be thy food" - something that could not have been truer for our next guest, Shannon Rosie. Have you ever wondered if eating before you drink to soak up the alcohol was a myth or if it was a fact? How about the effects on carbonised drinks? Maybe you...

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  • Sleep - The Third Pillar of Health

    When we type 'being healthy' into google, we're usually met with search results about lifestyle, diet, being fit, losing weight, but rarely about 'getting a good night sleep'. In this episode, we jump into why sleep is considered the third missing pillar of health and why it's just as important!

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  • The Goodnight Show #2: Georgio Batsinilis

    Follow along on Georgio Batsinilis' journey to FitazFk, and how him and his partner got his newborn to sleep through from the early age of 9 weeks!

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  • The Goodnight Show - Shea Talks Sleep Series #3

    There are few feelings worse than sleep deprivation and waking up feeling like you didn't get a minute of quality sleep. A few things could be triggering poor sleep quality. In this episode, Shea is covering why you could be feeling sleep deprived and unrefreshed in the morning.

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  • Introducing The Goodnight Show #1: Lisa Campbell

    The Goodnight Show's first guest is none other than Lisa Campbell. Lisa and I talk about how Lisa finds time to create routines in the lives of her family and herself and importance towards their health and immunity.

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  • Common Sleep Myths

    In this episode, Shea separates the fact from the fiction and busts some of the most common myths surrounding sleep. The reality is we are often the biggest culprits of our own sleep deprivation. So, now it’s time to find out which sleep myths may be preventing you from getting a better night’s sleep.

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