Looking after your silk

Caring for your Silk Pillowcase just became allot easier with The Goodnight Co.
This unique professionally designed Silk Pillow will give you years of support and better sleep quality if given the proper care. 
It is not difficult to make your silk pillowcases last for many years. Silk is made of natural protein fibers with built-in anti-bacterial and anti-mite characteristics. If properly treated, it will not require cleaning too often. 
From time to time, simply hang the bedding out in fresh air for a couple of hours. However, when cleaning is required, you should know that hot water and heat from a clothes dryer, an iron and even from direct sunlight, might affect the silk and its special features. 

By following these instructions, your silk product will retain its natural beauty and may last forever. 

The four rules of caring for silk pillowcases:

1.  Bag it – we recommend using mesh washing bags for your silk and delicates, this will help to protect your items throughout the wash cycle.


2.  Pick a detergent designed for use on silk, ideally an organic 100% natural laundry liquid, not only is it good for silk and delicates but gentle on the environment too. The Goodnight Co laundry liquid is available in lavender and a non-scented hypo allergenic option, great for people who suffer from allergies.

3.  Set the Cycle - A cold water, gentle cycle is the one to choose if you machine wash. Ideally, your silks should be washed alongside other silks and delicate fabrics, as heavier, more durable fabrics can damage more delicate ones in the wash.


4.  Lay it out: When it comes to drying silk sheets and pillowcases, air drying is ideal, but you may also opt to tumble dry them using a no-heat setting.Avoid placing the items in direct sunlight, this might affect the silk and its special features.




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