Caring for your Silk

Anything silk is such a luxury purchase. A delightfully luxurious purchase. And one that we totally condone, especially for your beauty sleep.

Silk is naturally hypoallergenic, resisting dust, fungus and mold. It is the longest lasting natural fabric and also helps you to retain moisture and reduce damage caused by high friction fabrics. 

However, caring for silk can seem a little daunting. Especially if no one taught you how to manage your silk items so that they last forever, we have all of the answers for you in 3 simple steps.

Here’s our three step guide to looking after your silk so that it remains the luxury item it is. 


1. Use a wool and delicate detergent

Using a specially formulated laundry detergent is crucial to maintaining the silk’s characteristics. 

In short, standard laundry detergent contains two active ingredients. 

  • Surfactants - the soap component which lifts the grime from your clothes.
  • Enzymes - which target and breakdown the protein behind the stains. 

This is fine for your ordinary clothes, but because silk is made from animal fibre (which is a protein) the enzyme naturally targets grime and then the silk. 

A wool or delicate detergent contains a surfactant and no enzyme, so your silk will remain smooth. 


2. Handwashing is best

Turn the pillowcase inside out, and fill a basin with cool water and your delicate detergent, following the detergent instructions. 

Whilst it’s not our first recommendation, some customers choose to machine wash their silk. If you choose to, make sure to use a mesh bag for extra safe keeping, put the machine on a low temperature and use delicate detergent.


3. Lay flat to dry 

However, make sure it is out of direct sunlight to avoid fading. After drying naturally, you may like to iron your silk pillowcase on a cool temperature, using a cotton layer between the iron and the silk. 


If you're ready to start your journey to better sleep with silk, you can find our range of Silk Pillowcases here.

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