Crystal Profile: Moonstone

We're doing a deep dive into the healing world of crystals. Over the next few weeks, we'll share a profile for each of our favourite crystals, so you can learn how and when to use them. If you missed them, catch up on our Citrine and Bloodstone Crystal Profiles, too!

What it looks like

Moonstone is a white or milky-coloured stone, with pearly white and black flecks throughout. It is deeply connected with the moon and its cycles, something that comes as no surprise, given the stone's ethereal appearance. So much so that the ancient Romans even believed that moonstone was born from the moon’s rays.

How it's formed

Moonstone isn't quite formed from the moon's rays. It belongs to the feldspar group of gemstones. The stone is known for its sheen effect that is caused by the inter-growth of two different types of feldspar. The sheen effect is caused by light entering a layer of feldspar and refracting between the layers before leaving the crystal.


Moonstone is deeply connected with femininity from its connection to the moon. This stone is also linked to the sacral chakra, and said to spark creativity and inspiration. Moonstone is also aligned with the heart chakra, which is all about the love for others and yourself. It encourages open intimacy with yourself and those around you.

As the stone is linked to the moon cycle it helps to restore a rhythm and balance in your life. Moonstone increases intuition and cleanses the mind of negative emotions that are holding you back. This stone also promotes the birthing of new ideas and projects.

How to use it

Moonstone is strongly linked to the moon, making it the perfect slumber stone, helping you sleep blissfully. We recommend placing the stone next to your bed to soothe and stabilise energy within your space. Or, use Moonstone when practising pre-sleep meditation by placing the stone in your hand as you think serene thoughts. Once you're finished, place your moonstone under your pillow for a recharging night's sleep.

Like all crystals, we suggest cleaning them under cold water every one to two weeks. It is vital to recharge Moonstone under the full moon once a month as this is its energy source.

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