Is Your Pillow Making You a Restless Sleeper?

Waking up with a stiff neck and not feeling as refreshed as you'd like? Your pillow could be to blame!

When it comes to bedding, your pillow is the centre of a perfect night's sleep, given that its job is to support your head, neck and back throughout the night. Plus, it's something that you use every night, so it's definitely worth investing in the right one for you.

Not all pillows are the same, so it's important to pick out the perfect type to suit the way you sleep. Read through our guide below to help you find your dream pillow.

What type of sleeper are you?

1. Side Sleeper

How to tell: You generally sleep on a favoured side during the night.

Your dream pillow: When you're searching for a pillow, look for one with memory foam or synthetic latex. This material will mould around you, while supporting your neck and shoulders.

Side sleepers should opt for pillows that are firm to extra firm.

2. Stomach Sleeper

How to tell: You spend most of the night sleeping on your stomach, with the pillow under your head and upper torso.

Your dream pillow: Stomach sleepers need a thin pillow that will keep their necks straight. For many stomach sleepers the wrong pillow can result in neck and back pain the next day as the head is elevated above the rest of the body. 

Go for pillows made from wool-fibre, down or synthetic materials.

3. Back Sleeper

How to tell: You spend most of the night on your back, which is great for spine and neck health!

Your dream pillow: Back sleepers need a medium to high firm pillow, preferably a foam one that supports the neck and keep your head in place. When searching for perfect pillow, stand with your back against a wall, keeping your neck straight. This gap between the wall and your head is the ideal thickness of your pillow. 

Wait! Your pillowcase matters too.

Picking out a pillow that will support you throughout the night is just half of the story. What you cover it with is just as important.

You want to pick a pillowcase made from a natural, breathable fabric, and ideally one that doesn't bunch and leave crease marks on your face when you wake up (because let's face it, there's no quick fix in the morning for that!)

We recommend using a premium-quality silk pillowcase as these fight the signs of aging, soothe your skin and leave your hair silky smooth. The tightly-woven nature of the fabric also reduces allergens like dust and pollen, therefore naturally hypoallergenic. 

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