Sleep With: Angela Simson

Angela Simson is an all rounder! Along with being the Founder of The Gratitude Project, Ange is a nutrition health coach, mum, writer and, most importantly, a happiness expert. She believes in the power of nutrition, your wellbeing and practicing gratitude. Ange believes in bringing happiness back into our lives through great nutritious food, connection with family and friends, and following your life passion.

We wanted to learn a little more about the wonderful Ange and her sleep ritual, especially as she’s just had a baby!


1. Do you have a night time ritual to help you switch off from the day?

I love to read before bed! I also put on my blue blocker sunglasses when the sun goes down to help me sleep better because like most people, I sometimes check emails and social media before sleep time, which is not good for getting those juicy sleep hormones flowing!  So, the glasses help loads and I find that winding down with a book gets me into a really good state to fall into a deep sleep!

2. What’s on your bedside table?

My book, lip balm, a candle and water.  

3. What’s your relationship with sleep – are you a good sleeper, or do struggle to get enough?

I'm a great sleeper but I have a seven-month-old who is not! She wakes between 2-6 times in the night, so while I could get really good sleep, I'm currently NOT, which is totally fine. I realise that this is such a short time in my life and the night cuddles are pretty special!

4. How do you achieve your balance?
I don't! I believe if you're balanced you’re not moving and I always want to be moving. Moving towards pleasure and away from what causes me pain. I don't know if there is such thing as finding the exact sweet spot where you're totally balanced, doing all the things in the right way and feeling like you're not forgetting or missing something.

I have two kids, not possible! Some days I'll feel like I'm on top of it all and then my toddler will come home and need cuddles when I have work planned. That's life, we've got to be flexible and learn to sway in order to stop from falling.  


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