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Anna Mitsios is changing the way we think about beauty, from the inside out The incredible Anna is the brains behind “Edible Beauty”, the 100% natural beauty products tthat are 100% edible. Anna’s passion for wellness comes from her  naturopathic and nutrition background where she learnt the power of herbs and natural foods.  She believes that the key to beautiful skins can be found in pure, botanical and wildcrafted ingredients that are both therapeutic and luxurious. We admire Anna's remarkable success over the past couple of years and wanted to learn her sleep secrets.

Anna is the first in our new blog series "Sleep With" focuses on women thriving in their industry. In this new serious we will be interviewing women from all industries to learn how they find the perfect balance and of course get those all too precious 8 hours sleep.

Do you have a night time ritual to help you switch off from the day?

I have found it even more important to have a wind down ritual which helps to clear my thoughts and switch off from “work mode”.  It begins as soon as I walk through the door! I pop a diffuser on or a beautiful candle and this immediately evokes a sense of calm and happiness! If I have an event the next day or I am craving a pamper session, I will use a sheet mask or hydrating mask and sip on a cup of herbal tea. This is often enough to have me primed for bed. I revel in my skincare routine in the evening. I will apply a body oil and body butter religiously, which seems to keep my dry skin at bay. I love to journal a few times a week and also find that writing a to do list for the following day gives me the signal to really switch off.

What’s on your bedside table?

There is normally a sheet mask sitting there, along with a few books that I am half way through, my body butter and a journal.

What’s your relationship with sleep?

I love sleeping but don’t tend to sleep as much as I would like which based on my friends and clients indicate, seems to be what many of us are experiencing these days! I do find that I have trouble falling asleep so the switching off routine in the evenings has really helped with this. Every now and then I make a herbal concoction with passionflower, lemon balm, chamomile and skullcap which is gently calming and sedating.

How do you achieve your balance?

Keeping up my exercise routine and good eating and sleep habits really help to keep me in balance. I also regularly plan getaways to the mountains, beachside or cities which are a little calmer than Sydney. They always help me to “reset” and provide perspective which can often be difficult to glean without a change of location.


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