Sleep With: Caroline McCulloch

This week, we caught up with the life changing Caroline McCulloch. You might not know her but you will know her shoes. Caroline has rid many women of the woes of blisters and aching feet by creating her amazing shoe label Frankie4. She has truly blessed us all with her comfortable yet fashionable footwear. 

Caroline is a podiatrist and physiotherapist, so she knows the importance of well supported footwear. Not only are we fans of her shoes but we admire how far she her business has come over the past couple of years.


Do you have a night time ritual to help you switch off from the day?  


No mobiles in the bedroom. Once we head upstairs to our bedroom, my mobile stays on the kitchen bench recovering from the day! 

I read for at least half an hour. This helps me switch off.  After going 100 miles an hour all day, reading almost puts me in a trance.  I'll often wake  with the book still in my hand. 


What’s on your bedside table?

A lamp and books!

- Shoe Dog by Phil Knight 

-  Business Stripped Bare by Richard Branson 

- In My Shoes by Carol Haffke 

- The Book of Joy by Dalai Lama and Desmond Tutu

-(Chapter One) Thank You by Daniel Flynn


What’s your relationship with sleep?  (are you a good sleeper, or do struggle to get enough?)

I love sleep. So much so that one of my greatest fears when having children was sleep deprivation. 

I would rather go without food then go without sleep! 

I lived by Tizzie Hall's 'Save Our Sleep' routine.  It worked a treat for my kids, my husband and I. 


How do you achieve your balance?

With help, and lots of it! I quit the guilt, and I embrace all the help I need to stay calm and happy while I keep these balls are in the air.

Rose is in daycare 5 days a week, she loves it. I live on a street that has 4 girls that regularly babysit and help out when needed. I have a cleaner that comes once a week who cleans and does the ironing.

My team is absolutely crucial too!   Having the right people on my team enables me to work hours that help me feel I have the work:family balance right.  I’m building a strong team that are capable, competent, can work independently and believe in the dream.  Armed with that sort of crew I can delegate delegate delegate.  I allocate my own time wisely on the areas of the business that need my direct focus, and slap myself on the wrist if I catch myself spending time on something that one of my staff can do.


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