Sleep With: Peta Shulman

Meet Peta Shulman, founder of Goodness Me Box as she shares her sleep secrets.

Peta is one inspiring woman! Five years ago, Peta found herself bedridden for three months with barely enough energy to walk to the kitchen. After seeing a fair few doctors, I was no closer to the cause of my problem, and no closer to the solution. She eventually got well enough to start a new job in PR, specialising in the health and wellness industry.

Being in the world of health and wellness, it became crystal clear to Peta that what we put into our bodies, how active we are, and how we manage our stress plays a crucial role in how feel and our long-term health. She enlisted the help of an integrative doctor and finally got a diagnosis – she had an autoimmune condition, which she managed through diet and tweaking her lifestyle. After experiencing firsthand how natural, wholesome foods could improve her health, Peta founded GoodnessMe Box to spread this message to as many people as possible

The Goodnight Co. approached Peta and wanted to know a little bit more about how she switches off after a busy day, what's on her bedside table, and how she finds balance. Read below!


Do you have a night time ritual to help you switch off from the day?

Definitely – I value my night time routine as much as my morning routine. After cooking a nutritious meal and enjoying it with my husband, I like to wind down by switching off all technology (including phone and emails), and settling into bed with a book. While I read, I sip on a soothing tea to put my body into sleep mode – I’m loving the Goodnight Tea blend!

What’s on your bedside table?

Right now, there’s an alarm clock as I’m trying to keep my phone far away from my sleep sanctuary and avoid using it as an alarm. I also have my Frank Green drink bottle (I’m always sipping on water), a jewellery stand, my favourite bangle (which says "salty hair, don’t care"), and a stone that I got on a trip to Zimbabwe (that says "dream"). Then I have a photo of my hubby when he was 3 years old on proud display (it’s so adorable!), and my FitBit – which I should really put back on!

What’s your relationship with sleep?  (Are you a good sleeper, or do struggle to get enough?)

I’m lucky to have always been a good sleeper. I’m out like a light most nights! My body is like a clock – on the weekends, I don’t set an alarm but I’ll wake up exactly eight hours later. I calculate my sleep when I wake up – it’s become a bit of a habit!

How do you achieve your balance? 

To me, balance is a tricky word to navigate. I work a lot but it’s my passion – it’s what I love and it makes me feel happy and fulfilled. That being said, my health does come first. I ensure I eat wholesome, nourishing foods, and get eight hours of sleep most nights. I also find ‘balance’ by spending time with supportive friends, nurturing my relationship with my husband, and seeing my family every Friday night. In my opinion, doing something that you love while being surrounded by people that you love is balance.


If you love Peta’s work just as much as we do, take a look through her website, here. Or discover more of our Sleep With guests here

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