Our Story

Our Story

The Goodnight Co. was established by two Australian mums in early 2015. Having heard about the many benefits of sleeping on silk, particularly silk pillowcases and silk eye masks, founders Shea and Danielle decided that they wanted to help make a good night's sleep easier to come by. So, with a desire to find the perfect sleep solution for all Australians, the two young mums went about finding the perfect silk to match the strictest of quality criteria. After all, their silk pillowcases and silk eye masks had to be the very best to aid Australians having a good night's sleep.

Once they found the elusive silk product, the Goodnight Co. was born! The range launched with a selection of luxurious silk pillowcases and silk sleep masks that are truly to die for. Knowing how important these products are for a good night's sleep, they knew that had something that just had to share with all Australians.

Since launching The Goodnight Co. in early 2015, the product range has expanded to include silk pillowcases, silk sleep masks, sleep tees made from 100% cotton, a chemical free silk washing liquid and a range of crystals, each with a unique combination of healing properties which you can take with you, wherever your head hits the pillow.


After a busy corporate career Shea swapped the city and joined her best friend Danielle on their dream journey. Shea combines her experience and passion to tap into how silk pillowcases and silk eye masks, along with all other sleep products, can benefit us while we sleep. She knew we all want to wake up with hydrated, radiant looking skin, as well as smoother, frizz-free hair. Perfect right?

Shea focuses on the health and wellbeing, along with sourcing and researching the very best products to launch next, while also spreading the word about achieving a good night's sleep, and shouting about our milestones on our social media channels.

“We like to think of our products as forming part of your nightly beauty routine and not as bedding. The benefits of a good night's sleep extend to all areas of my life, better quality family time, I look fresh and feel better and when I’m at work I’m so much more productive. We want to help other people enjoy the benefits of a good night's sleep.”

After spending 15 years working in radio, Shea knew it was the right time to delve into a new challenge. Taking the leap one step further, Shea jumped into setting up a new business with Danielle while they were both pregnant. With a long history of working with successful businesses, she is particularly passionate about changing the way we view sleep through wellness.


After working in HR in the IT industry Danielle set out on a different journey that combined her super organisation skills along with her creative streak and took a leap of faith with Shea. The sleep journey started while the friends were pregnant – a perfect time to throw yourself into the deep end and start a new business.

Danielle focuses on the daily operations and keeping the business grounded and on track to change the way we view getting into bed. She is on a mission to spread the word about the benefits of sleeping on silk pillowcases and sharing the entire range of beautiful products. 

“We wanted to find a way to help people take better care of themselves as well as the other important people in their lives.” After reading about the amazing health and beauty benefits of sleeping on silk, we decided to design a range of luxurious silk pillowcases, silk sleep masks and a whole range of sleep products, with the goal of providing even the busiest people with a great bedtime story - the perfect beauty sleep.”

Danielle spends her time streamlining the customer experience, logistics, customer service and so much more in between. You’ll find her tucked up in bed after her girls are asleep with her favourite charcoal silk mask on. Talk about living and breathing The Goodnight Co.

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