Mind Time for Kids


To help their bodies grow, children have faster metabolisms and heart rates than adults.This gives them a seemingly never-ending energy supply – which many of us are envious of – but also keeps their minds racing.

Mind time is incredibly important for children. It helps them to concentrate, build their imaginations and language skills, and, crucially, get restful sleep. The Goodnight Co can help you to create mind time with this kit of simple meditations; designed for infants as young as two years old through to tweens. 

“I am not a meditation teacher or yogi however I love to practice both daily. I am also not a sleep expert. I am a Mum to Molly (4) and Max (2) and I want both Children to understand the benefits of meditation and to be able to use it throughout their lives – I wish I had been exposed to meditation in my early years. I am truly passionate about Mind Time for kids because it works.”  ~ Co-founder of The Goodnight Co. Shea Morrison.

Chakra Centric

The meditations are centred on the role of the chakras – which are represented within this kit by crystals and felts. They take no longer than five minutes, and should leave children feeling calm, connected and conscious. A calm mind leads to better quality sleep – the cornerstone of health and happiness. It’s never too early to put mindfulness rituals in place.

Start young to develop positive behaviours that last a lifetime. Make these meditations part of your child’s bedtime routine.

Mind Time in Action

Watch the video below of Shea with her daughter Molly, speaking about the Mind Time for Kids Kit.