Using the Mind Time for Kids kit

Mind Time for Kids Kit

The Goodnight Co Mind Time for Kids kit gives you the tools to create a variety of different meditation experiences with your Children.

The Chakra based felt and crystal collections have been designed to allow for the use of imagination and creativity on the part of both the child and parent. Use the felts on the belly of your 2 year old to simply highlight the rise and fall of a deep breath, or take your 12 year old through a full chakra based visualization using all seven crystals.

We have included some age specific meditation ideas in the kit to get you started but our hope is that over time you’ll feel inspired to create your own.

Getting started

1. Choose a quiet setting
The best place to practice meditation is in a quiet spot. If it is night time you can dim the lights or turn them off altogether and light a couple of candles. You want to create a calm environment, a space where the children enjoy going and that makes them feel secure and special

2. Be Patient
Never set a goal when teaching children meditation. Just guide them and let them be guided by their own energy towards establishing their own sense of balance. Only interfere by guiding them to gain control over their feelings when they become restless.

3. Be a Part of the Process
Join them. The best lessons are taught with illustration. When you ask them to relax, show that you have relaxed as well.

 4. Have Fun!


Watch an example of a guided mindfulness exercise using the Mind Time Chakra Felts: