Journal Kit



Writing in a journal before bed can help you to resolve your worries or concerns and assist in more quality sleep. Studies from the Journal of Experimental Psychology suggest writing in a journal before bed can help to prepare your mind and body for a peaceful, restorative sleep. So, here are our top three ways journaling before bed can help prepare you for much-needed rest:

  1. Calm an anxious or worrying mind by brainstorming all thoughts and tomorrow's to-do list 
  2. Create a sense of calm and happiness by reflecting on three things you're grateful for today 
  3. Journaling can also help us recognise habits - for example, you might find a link between your evening glass of wine and a midnight wake up, or that sleeping in a cooler room improves your quality of sleep


To enhance your journalling experience, each Journal Kit also includes a beautifully weighted Black Metal Pen, a Roll On of your choice and a different precious Crystal tumble in each Kit.


Each Journal Kit includes:

  • Black leather-like Journal with plain lined pages
  • Gold embossed 
  • Black metal ballpoint pen
  • Essential Roll On of your choice - Good Morning, Calm or Goodnight
  • Crystal tumble (various)
  • Hardcover box (28cm x 24cm x 5.5cm)


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