"Love this item. The colour and ceramic top is beautiful, particularly like the fact it's very quiet and has a couple of options for the brightness of the light and timing of the mist. I find it very relaxing to have on just before bed and would highly recommend."

Rebecca S.

Goodnight Blend Essential Oils

"Fantastic blend. I have never settled quicker into sleep and enjoyed a solid eight hours sleep in a very long time. The blend seems to slow my racing mind and relax every part of body allowing me to easily drift off to sleep. I cannot recommend the Goodnight Blend Essential Oils more highly."

Jeanagh C.

Silk Pillowcase Charcoal - King Size

"I recently purchased a pillow case and mask. Have since purchased another pillow case for my husband as I couldn't rave enough about it. He now loves it too. He also now wants a mask..."

Corinne L.

"Everything was amazing! I love the size of the diffuser and the oils that came with it. I use all three on repeat daily. It keeps our home feeling fresh, soothing and calm all day."

Alana V.

"I initially received a small Sweet Dreams Sleep Mist as a gift when I purchased some diffusers for my daughters. The girls loved it so much they asked for a larger size each! The mist is a new experience - they love the fresh scent on their pillows every night which helps them fall asleep quickly and in a relaxed state. We will definitely be coming back for more!"

Cathy M.

"I am a nurse who needed a remedy to a good night/days sleep and i found it in the sleep mist and mask. could not recommend more."

Emma W.

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For many people, getting enough rest is a big priority.

After ticking off a long to-do list and getting into bed, the struggle to sink into a zone of replenishment is often just out of reach for those who need it most. If that’s you, we want you to know that we’re here for you.