What's on my bedside table: Shea Morrison

As part of our Sleep With series, we've been asking other women what they have on their bedside table, but now we thought it's our turn. So, here's what's next to The Goodnight Co. co-founder Shea Morrison's bed.

My bedside table sometimes looks quite cluttered because I have great intentions of reading every night before bed but more often than not my head hits the pillow and I am asleep straight away! At the moment, I have the book Sapiens – A Brief History of Humankind, the latest edition of Home Life magazine.

I often have different crystals beside my bed and in my room and I swap them around after I cleanse them. At the moment I have Rose Quartz, Black Obsidian and a Bloodstone Pyramid.

I also use our Balancing Magnesium Oral Spray every night, so I leave it next to my bed to remind me.

I usually only use a Silk Sleep Mask for travelling, however we have recently had new lights and fans installed and unfortunately, they came with a fancy new light switch with a (very annoying) blue LED light. So, my Sleep Mask is getting an extra workout at the moment until I get this LED light removed!
I always have my notebook and pen next to my bed. I always seem to have great ideas – or lists of things to do – just before going to sleep. I also have Danielle La Porte’s 'The Desire Map Planner', which I love. And lastly, my Rider Waite tarot cards – sometimes I like to pull a card before going to bed or first thing in the morning to help set my intentions for the day.
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