Crystal Profile: Rose Quartz

We're doing a deep dive into the healing world of crystals. Over the next few weeks, we'll share a profile for each of our favourite crystals, so you can learn how and when to use them.

We've already covered of a few crystals so far. If you missed them, catch up on our MoonstoneCitrine and Bloodstone crystal profiles too!


What it looks like

Rose Quartz, like the name suggests, comes in a variety of pale red to pink tones, all in a marble-like finish. Also known as The stone of unconditional love, Rose Quartz enriches matters of the heart.


How it's formed

The stone is one of the most common forms of quartz. It's formed deep within the earth's crust and is found in large masses.



Rose quartz has been used as a love stone for centuries, with the first recorded use dates back to 600 BC. It's also known for is beautification properties, and the stone was adored by the Egyptians as a beauty stone. Today, you can find Rose Quartz beauty rollers known to lift and enrich the skin.

The stone is deeply connected with inner love and personality clarity. You can find Rose Quartz in our Fertility Kit. Rose Quartz has a strong feminine energy from its distinctive pink colour and aura.

Rose Quartz is connected to our heart chakra, focusing on relationships with others and ourselves. Use rose quartz to nurture matters of inner peace and self-fulfilment and to activate a deeper connection with hearts and inner emotions


How do you use it?

Use Rose Quartz in times of self-reflection and personal growth. Seek out Rose Quartz to mend a broken heart and provide clarity and direction for new ventures of the heart. Simply place the stone in your bedroom to restore harmony and foster love.


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