Best Essential Oils For Sleep

Written by our in house Clinical Naturopath, Jen Cox. 


If you’re dealing with sleep troubles in this plastic fantastic world, aromatherapy may be just what the Naturopath ordered. We’re not talking energetic medicine here. Sure, vibing on essential oils does often go hand in hand with crystals or sage wielding (two of my favourite pastimes) but the science of aromatherapy is actually very well researched. These babies are the original plant medicine - they contain active constituents that interact with the body in measurable ways. They’re also very safe to use and incredibly luscious to smell. 

Buckets of research specific to mood and sleep disorders has been done for many oils - in fact a big part of their magic is in the overlap between these zones. Often a sleep disorder goes hand in hand with stress, depression or anxiety. We’re very partial to a blend that can cover a lot of bases, so enter - the new and improved Goodnight Blend. It’s our signature go-to for a restful nights sleep, which we’ve tinkered with to make even more lovely (and sleepy.) 


Our new Goodnight Blend contains:

Lavender // Lavandula angustifolia

If it were a popularity contest, Lavender would be top dog. This oil is so widely used that we may as well call it - she’s the Beyonce of sleep. Some delightful takeaways for Lavender are:

  • This oil gets the zen zone on tap, making it an excellent choice for anxiety related insomnia.
  • Some deep breaths of the good stuff can reduce stress and antisocial behaviour (even in pets.)
  • It’s been found to specifically increase the deep, restorative sleep stage.


    Sweet Orange // Citrus sinensis

    Not to be earmarked as ‘just another stimulating citrus’, Sweet Orange oil likes to live in many directions at once. Yes, it can be uplifting, however - unlike most citrus oils - it is also a calming and balancing oil. It has been found to assist insomnia in several studies like one here and in other news:

    • Sweet orange will reduce worry when inhaled in stressful situations.
    • Tired mummas take heart, research from a postpartum specific study says this essential oil will help improve your quality of sleep.


    Petitgrain // Citrus aurantium

    We have another citrus that breaking the mould here. Petitgrain is used in Ayurveda for prolonged stress, a condition commonly associated with sleep disruption. It is also:

    • An emotionally harmonising oil. Used traditionally for trauma, insecurities and addiction.
    • Petitgrain is believed to strengthen the nervous system, helping to restore peaceful sleep.
    • It’s considered to be an antioxidant, so will help to protect your body from the stress that’s commonly associated with a sleep disorder.


    Geranium // Pelargonium graveolens

    This one’s for the ladies. The complete package of hormone balancing in one delightfully calming and stress free bundle. Some ways it can do this are:

    • By reducing anxiety. There is research to show it even helps women in the stressful, extreme situation of childbirth. Not just a pretty aroma.
    • If cyclical sleep issues are your thing, Geranium is your gal. Researchers found that Geranium essential oil can help reduce symptoms of PMS.
    • It’s been traditionally used as an incredible skin all rounder. It has applications for inflammation, eczema, psoriasis, acne and even ageing skin. *douses self in Geranium immediately.*


    Atlas Cedarwood // Cedrum atlantica

    Cedarwood’s calming, woody aroma makes it one of the most grounding essential oils that can help you drift off. It’s effective against insomnia and has other clever uses, including:


    Roman Chamomile // Anthemis nobilis

    Chamomile is a well known sleepy herb. As a tea it’s historically used to chill on out - and the essential oil works similarly. With proven applications for depression, Chamomile is also helpful for stress and anxiety, making this the trifecta of mood balancers. It can also:

    • Help soothe digestion, so if stress, IBS and sleep issues go together for you, Chamomile should be top of your list.
    • If you’re a frequent waker, there is some evidence to suggest that Chamomile will help reduce the number of times you do this per night.


    Sweet Marjoram // Origanum majorana

    Sweet Marjoram works in a few ways to improve sleep. Strengthening and regulating the nervous system is one, dilating blood vessels another. Other specific skills of Sweet Marjoram include:

    • Helping to avoid Shift Work Sleep Disorder (SWD). According to one study of night shift working Nurses, this clever oil - in combination with some others from our Goodnight Blend - improved quality of sleep overall.
    • It’s considered to be cardioprotective. Those of us who don’t get enough sleep are at a higher risk for cardiac disease, so this particular skill is very useful for prevention.


    White Frankincense // Boswellia sacra

    Frankie is often called the king of oils. It’s got oodles of spiritual connotations and is so  broadly applicable it does six impossible things before breakfast. Including ensuring you can achieve a quality night’s sleep, some strong points include:

    • It’s a broad spectrum anti inflammatory for skin, asthma and arthritis. If your sleep issues are linked to night time discomfort in one of these areas, time to hit up the Frankie.
    • Calming and tranquilising skills are great, but even better - you’ll skip the medication hangover associated with prescription drugs by using Frankincense instead.
    • There’s exciting potential for anticancer properties with Frankie (watch this space).


    Vetiver // Vetiveria zizanioides

    Delightfully woody and smokey, Vetiver brings a grounding tone to this sleepy oil combo. This is a stabilising nervous system tonic, useful for just about any mood you can throw at it. As well as this:

    • Vetiver is excellent at preventing emotional burnout during periods of prolonged stress.
    • It will reduce anxiety behaviours, so is a great choice for those who struggle to fall asleep due to worry or overthinking.


    As you can see, we’ve stuck our fingers in all the sleep pies... You name it, there’s an oil for that. So now that you’ve met the gang, it’s time to try them out as a team. 


    Get your hands on the upgraded Goodnight Blend here.

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