Moon Series: Full Moon Aries

The up and coming Aries Full Moon triumphantly brings the impetus to make change after the winter hiatus.  This passionate cardinal fire energy empowers you to create new beginnings in your life and therefore it is vital to decide where you want to focus your intentions?


Full Moon Aries 20 degrees

AEST Brisbane AEST 14th October @ 7:07am

ADST Sydney / Melbourne 14th October @ 8:07am

AWST Perth 14th October @ 5:07am

BST London 13th October @ 10:07pm

EDT New York 13th October @ 5:07pm

PDT San Francisco 13th October @ 2:07pm


Every year we experience the full moon sojourn through the 12 zodiacal signs.  Depending on the interplay of other planetary alignments there will be a different impulse and nature to enliven these celestial narratives each month.  With this in mind, it also applies to your own natal chart illuminating personal themes and experiences.

Let’s begin with the current Full Moon in Aries 2019.

Aries is the first sign of the zodiac and therefore the vanguard of the moon signs – instinctual, determined and confident.  The flip side is (and there is always a flip side) you need to watch out going completely OTT in your pursuits of getting your own way that may be considered self-centred by others.  

There is also an easy flowing alignment to feel-good Jupiter this month that welcomes an inspirational aspect elevating you in the way forward.  However, it is important not take anything for granted as you still need to be patient and wise with your decision making.  (Mercury retrograde in Scorpio is approaching over the next couple of weeks and exact November 1st.)  

In company with the heightened lunar energies you may be feeling exceedingly agitated as the emotional full moon is forming a tense square to Pluto.  The most intense and formidable of all the modern-day planets, Pluto (ruler of Scorpio) governs creation and destruction, buried treasures and personal power, ultimately bringing great change and transformation.  

With this planetary showdown there is a need to explore stifled frustrations, anger or resentments that have been bubbling beneath the surface that could have implosive or explosive outcomes. Tinctures and essential oils help calm your mind and relieve frustrations. If you can promptly release this stormy disposition without too much recklessness this would be advantageous for your well-being and sympathetic nervous system.  


This calls for a deep emotional reset.  


If feeling overly stimulated engage in restorative activities - yoga, swimming, meditation or shamanic breathwork.  Play uplifting music and dance the night away to discharge any pent-up energies in a beneficial way.  

The focus is to release old emotional patterns that are no longer serving you to embrace a newfound sense of personal freedom.  Have a date night to celebrate and do something just for you!  

The harmonious Libran Sun seeks balance in personal relationships to evaluate the depth of true intimacy.  Under the lunar spotlight this month are the themes of self-individuation (Aries) vs compliance with others or seeking their approval.  How far are you prepared to go to face your deepest fears & needs in your relationships or are you afraid of hurting others? This illuminated gift will offer profound psychological metamorphosis in a more inspirited and authentic expression of who you truly are.

This full moon invites positive choices and changes with the new cycle!  

To support yourself during this period, you can find some carefully curated products in the Moon Edit selected to help you find calm and stay centred during this phase.  


See you next lunar month for the earthy Full Moon in Taurus….


Mikailah is an astrologist, star witch and earth poet who embodies ancient practices in a contemporary form.  Her transpersonal work speaks to the artist, the creative, the free-spirited entrepreneur and the visionary.  Mikailah offers a unique fusion of astrology by video call for our global community.

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