Moon Series: Full Moon Sagittarius

This month we are celebrating the Full Moon in Sagittarius representing the gypsy spirited, freedom-loving, independent adventurer of the Zodiac.

Full Moon 25 deg Sagittarius 17th June 2019

AEST Brisbane / Sydney / Melbourne 6.30pm

AWST Perth 4.30pm

UT London 9.30am

EDT New York 4.30am

PDT San Francisco 1.30am

Sagittarius is a mutable fire sign embracing the qualities of optimism, good luck and confidence abound.  This expansive energy loves to engage in stimulating conversations with diverse people from all around the world. The flip side is it can be extremely blunt, direct and honest.  

Jupiter is the classical planetary ruler of Sagittarius and guardian protector.  It governs philosophy; academic study, law, overseas travel, religion, gurus, the search for the meaning of life and the human condition.  Heart-warming and delightful for the soul, Jupiter is known as the altruistic planet of the wanderers. Larger than life is the epitome, acquiring as much knowledge as possible.

In its shadow expression this distorted magnanimous energy can be prone to laziness, embellishment, over-committing, despondency or superficial buoyancy.

Remember we all have blind spots and each zodiacal sign alongside their planetary ruler has something to offer.  We can best navigate these transpersonal energies with a technique called self-enquiry ~ a check-in on our motivations and behaviours with our inner world.  This means we become observant of any thought processes and cultivate deeper self-awareness relating to our human instincts and guidance.

In astrology the moon relates to our emotional well-being and natal Sagittarian Moon people are natural visionaries and inspiring leaders.  Known for pushing boundaries and accepting challenges they claim this as their prerogative. Freedom and truth are paramount to them. They truly are humanitarian wise souls in their positive expression, encouraging merriment and social interactions every step of the way.  

The Sagittarius Full Moon is a magnificent time to clear out any outdated belief systems that are taking up far too much space in our lives.  The intention is to make room for new inspirational experiences and boundless possibilities. Just remember the energies are extremely intense around a full moon, even more so with the amplified Sagittarius energy at play.  

Journaling is an empowering exercise to calm the mind, create peaceful outcomes and attune to your inner state of being.  Spend some time writing what you are grateful for in your life. Journaling can also reduce stress and help you sleep better.  You may even discover you gain a different perspective on certain situations. You can read about how to begin journaling here

Ritual is most potent when aligned with the dark / full moon or eclipse energies.  It gives an extra dose of magic notably if your rising, sun or moon sign aligns with the astrological tone of the month.  If you have any of these in your natal chart you will experience a natural affinity.

A Sagittarius Full Moon Ritual: 

  • Have a relaxing and cleansing bath.
  • Set up a peaceful space for yourself with no clutter around.
  • Have a journal and pen close by as these are essential items for this ritual.
  • Spend a few moments centring and grounding yourself.  Take all the time you need.
  • You may wish to have a special candle to light in honour of the element of fire.
  • Check in - do you feel anticipation or excitement or are you calm? Remember it is the Sagittarian Full Moon so you may sense exuberant emotions.


Now we are ready to begin …

Light the candle and acknowledge the element of fire that inspires the mind and the passion of creativity.   

The next part of the ritual is to infuse the pages of your journal with your intentions and wishes.  The key element is exploring all potentials.

On one page write down all that you want to release.  Any limitations that stop you from embracing what you really desire and most importantly expressing your true authentic self.

On another piece of paper write down all your dreams and visions that you wish to manifest for the way forward.

Is there a new course that you wish to take?  Or maybe learn a new language? Travel plans for a well-deserved holiday or is it time to get organised for that big overseas adventure?  Have you always wanted to explore a different continent or place in the world?  Be sure to pack some travel essentials

Ask yourself when was the last time you engaged in spontaneous fun?  Sometimes you just need to take a gamble and try something new.

Once you have completed the releasing and manifestation lists, keep these pages to reflect upon and track the progress over the next six months.

Intention is powerful and we all have the capacity to fulfil our dreams.


More information on the Full Moon in Capricorn next month...

Mikailah is a professional astrology and creative visionary.  She offers astrology consultations by phone or video call for our global community.  For more information visit her website

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