Mother's Day Gift Guide

If we know anything, it’s that Mums are always grateful for the gift of sleep. So if you’re in need of some inspiration for Mother’s Day, take some expert advice from our Co-Founders, Shea & Danielle with the gifts they’re planning to give their mothers—or hoping to receive that special Sunday.


1. Ceramic Diffuser 

Natural support from first light to light's out, our Ceramic Diffuser is a best seller for a reason! The perfect balance of luxury and practicality, the Ceramic Diffuser uses ultrasonic technology which allows the mist to be delivered through vibrations.

This process allows the oils to be safely diffused without any heat involved, making it the safer choice for your home than candles or incense, particularly if you have small children or pets. 

2. Ceramic Diffuser Starter Kit 

Make all of her aromatherapy dreams come true with our Ceramic Diffuser Starter Kit. Featuring our best selling Ceramic Diffuser and Essential Oil Trio - Good Morning Blend, Calm Blend and Goodnight Blend! Ditch the candles, and give her a gift that will last this year.  

3. Silk 

Whether it's a Silk Pillowcase or Silk Sleep Mask, there's plenty to love about our 100% Mulberry Silk range. Let mum discover the secret to her best beauty sleep! Did you know Quality Silk aids uninterrupted sleep? We only use top quality 22 Momme 100% Mulberry Silk in our hypoallergenic, breathable pillowcases and sleep masks. The only question now is, which colour?


4. Sleep Mist 

Spritz your way into blissful slumber with our Sweet Dreams Sleep Mist! An essential bedside companion, our Sleep Mist has been formulated to aid restorative sleep and promote relaxation. Available in full size or mini, our Sleep Mist is a great addition to any Mother's Day gift.  


(Please note our Pure Essential Oil Blends are not available for Express shipping. Road transport only.)

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