Our Co-Founder Tracked Her Sleep

Over the past six months, Shea has been tracking her sleep with the Oura Ring and her results surprised her. Here's what she found...


Working in the sleep space and being a generally curious person I had to invest in the Oura Ring.  The Oura Ring is made by a Finnish health company and it is the world’s first wellness ring and app that shows how your body responds to your lifestyle by analysing your sleep, activity levels, daily rhythms and the physiological responses in your body. 


I have been wearing the device for six months and here is what I have found:

  1.  I realised I should be thinking less about how many hours I spend sleeping and more about sleep quality
  2.  Following a pre – bed time ritual really works, especially if I take a bath (which we already knew)
  3.  Eating dinner earlier helps me have more restful sleep, especially if I'm conscious of what I'm eating, or not eating...
  4.  Dimming the lights / avoiding screen time after 8pm helps me have more optimal deep sleep
  5.  I have a fantastic night's sleep if I sleep on my own (Sorry to my husband, Pete)
  6.  After the first month I realised I was becoming too obsessed with tracking which was giving me some anxiety before bed if I hadn’t followed my ritual or been in bed before 9pm. I decided to take a less proactive approach and check in on my stats weekly to make sure I’m on track.
  7. The Deep Sleep Tincture really works!! I thought I was a really good sleeper but it turns out I don’t get very good deep sleep…  With the Oura Ring, I found I'm guaranteed a deeper sleep when taking it.


Found out more about the Oura Ring here

A night of following my ritual:
A night without following my ritual: 


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