Q&A with Pete Evans

We had the pleasure of catching up with renowned restaurateur, author and TV presenter Pete Evans to answer a few of our questions on heeling and improving health. Read below to find out his top tips on how to feel grounded! 



1. Are you wearing shoes?

Currently not - I try not to wear shoes as often as I can. If I do, then I wear the barefoot type like vibobarefoot as they let my foot sit in the shoe in its most natural state. I love going barefoot as it helps with my balance, strengthening of muscles in the feet and helps with posture as well as grounding myself.


2. How have you felt grounding has changed your life? 

It has definitely put me more in touch with nature. I have grown an appreciation for how important it is to feel connected to the earth or immersed in the ocean or rivers. 


3. Do you feel like you sleep well?

I sleep 7-8 hours a night on average and sleep very, very well. I also sleep on an earthing sheet that I have used for the last 6 years which mimics what it would be like to be sleeping on the earth.


4. What benefits do you feel after a good night's sleep?

Well it goes without saying that if you have a great sleep then all of life is a lot richer and more enjoyable. To me, sleep is the most important thing we can do as it is the time when we let ourselves heal. 


5. What is your routine leading up to a good night's sleep? 

A nutritious early dinner (always paleo) and usually a magnesium bath or sometime an infrared sauna (we have one in our house). If we do watch tv then we wear blue blocking glasses to avoid eye strain and disrupting our sleep cycle.


6. Do you have any tips for foods which lead to a better night's sleep? 

Well sourced meat and seafood is the key and don’t have any dairy or grains or sugars before bed. Avoid drinking anything leading up to bed by about an hour or two if you can as you don’t want to be waking up to do a wee!  

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