Shea's Morning Routine

Our Co-Founder and Sleep Expert, Shea Morrison, follows a morning routine to get her best night's sleep, every night. A big fan of the saying "Your Sleep Routine starts in the morning", Shea is always conscious of making her mornings count so she can get her best night's sleep, and rise and truly shine each day!


Shea's Morning Routine


Shea's morning routine starts with a hit of sunlight! Shea is lucky enough to live in the beautiful hinterland, and loves setting her Circadian Rhythm by taking a morning walk with her husband. Trying to get at least 10 minutes of natural light and 30 minutes of exercise is all important to start her day right - and a walk outside does both. Win win!


Shea is not a coffee drinker (crazy, we know!) For her morning pick-me-up, Shea turns to the Morning Drops for an all-natural kick starter to her day. A fan of all things natural, these fit right into Shea's busy morning routine with 8 drops under the tongue. 


The Good Morning Essential Oil is Shea's absolute favourite of all The Goodnight Co.'s blends. She diffuses this in her kitchen every morning while getting her 2 kids breakfast and ready for school. If she's pressed for time, Shea loves to apply this topically to take her morning support on the road!


Build your Morning Routine with Shea below!