Shea's Sleep Routine

Our Co-founder Shea follows a sleep routine to get her best nights sleep, every night!


Shea's Sleep Routine

Leading up to bedtime, minimising lighting is crucial for Shea! Shea starts her nighttime routine in a darkened environment as this helps to ease her body into a sleepy state and helps to settle down her kids. 


Next step…skin! Shea incorporates a skincare routine into her evening schedule, so that she can go to sleep feeling fresh-faced. The benefits of a skincare routine at nighttime are endless, and it is also a signal to her body that it's time to wind down. 


After her skincare routine, Shea takes a hot shower or bath as a part of her wind down routine. She likes to follow this with a good book to get her body and mind ready for a deep snooze. Shea's biggest before-sleep must is not using technology! As an avid sleep-tracker, Shea notices a huge difference in her sleep quality if she's been on her phone or computer in the lead up to bed time.


Shea's favourite part of her sleep routine is spritzing her Sleep Mist on her pillow and using her Deep Sleep Drops. Her and her husband do this every night to maximise their sleep, make their sleep space feel dreamy, and wake up feeling and looking her best in the morning!


Build your Sleep Routine with Shea below!