Sleep Tips for New Mums from TGC Mums

Ask any new Mum what they want and the answer would almost always be a good night’s sleep.

We’re yawning just thinking about the sleepless night's we faced as new mums! Fragmented sleep for weeks, if not months, following the birth of a baby can leave new Mums feeling overwhelmed with tiredness (and let's face it, emotions - thank you, hormones). Whether you are a first time Mum or you've been here before, sleep deprivation is one of the hardest things to deal with when welcoming your little one into the world. 

Our TGC Co-Founders and Mums, Shea (Mum of 2) and Danielle (Mum of 3), share some of their top tips to help prioritise a better night’s sleep while juggling everything that new Mum life brings!


4 Sleep Tips For New Mums

1. Use Your Support System 

Remember that your friends and family love to pitch in with a helping hand. At times we find it hard to ask for help but there’s no shame in taking people up to their offers to help! If you’re feeling like you need a bit of time to wind down and get some shut-eye, ask a friend or a family member to help with any chores so you can go and take that nap. Trust us when we say that your loved ones will relish the chance to help out and soak up time with your little one. 


2. Refresh Your Bedroom 

You’ve just spent months setting up the perfect sleep space for your little bub, yet you’ve forgotten to do the same for yourself. To ensure that you get a good quality sleep, you need to prioritise making your bedroom comfortable, so that you can make your Zzz's count too. This includes making sure that the temperature of the room is just right, keeping the room quiet and dark when you get a minute to sleep (because it might be during the day!) and possibly using a white noise machine to help you soothe your mind and bring a calm atmosphere to the room. 


3. Create a Bedtime Routine 

Just as you create a Sleep Routine for your little one, you need to have a wind-down routine to prepare yourself for restful sleep. Some of the steps in your routine should include activities that will promote relaxation and self-care. Doing your skincare routine, getting into some cozy pjs, putting on a diffuser with your favourite essential oil blend… Whatever it may be, make sure it's enjoyable for you and be sure to stick with it! The more you practice your routine, the quicker you'll be able to fall asleep and get the rest you need.


4. Resist Caffeine in The Afternoons

Consuming caffeine can give you that extra boost of energy that you need as a tired mum, however, consuming it late in the day can prevent you from winding down before bed. It’s important to pick a time in the day when you stop drinking coffee, soft drinks, or any other caffeinated drinks - usually we recommend having your last by 2pm. It’ll make it much easier for you to get a much needed sleep without any night time jitters.


"Whilst all of this is important, being the best mum you can be is what matters most...If you are feeling overwhelmed and fall off the wagon, remember that tomorrow is a new day and you can always start then." - Shea 


The new mum stage won’t last forever - it's important to enjoy it! Make sure you get your ‘me time’ and take it slow when you’re feeling sleep-deprived. Know that you are appreciated and will always be the best mum in the eyes of your kids.