Sleep With: Aysha Monticone

Aysha Monticone is the creator of tableware brand Kinfolk & Co., and a busy mum! Her consciously crafted business celebrates local artisans, showcasing tableware which brings the art of food making back to its roots. Inspired by nature and hand made, Aysha is truely dedicated to championing skilled local craftsmen (and women!) and the beauty of the earth - whilst juggling motherhood!

We recently caught up with this lovely lady to hear a little about how she does it all and to get the scoop on her daily sleep rituals. 


How do you juggle your family and work balance?

I guess it's tricky, but I always put my family first, then fit in what I can with work. My youngest is only 2 and a half, so for me it’s really important to be with him and watch him grow while he’s still this young. Work will always be there, but these precious years don’t last very long and I want to make the most of this time with him.

How do you self-nourish?

Through balance - good healthy food and exercise. Yoga, meditation, reading, travelling, the occasional day spa session and sometimes a surf. I also love spending quality time with close friends and sharing a lovely meal and glass of wine (or 2!). I believe all of these things nourish my mind, body and soul. 

Are you more of an Early Bird or a Night Owl?

I'm a bit of both at the moment! Being a busy mumma I find nights are the only time I can get any of my work done. I then sometime treat myself to a guided meditation, book or an episode of my favourite series at the moment. I'm also an early bird though! I find unless I get up early-ish and get to the gym - I don’t get a chance to exercise. Even though I don’t get there every morning, I love it as it's my time for myself and I always feel so good (and sore!) after.

What are you currently reading?

I'm reading a few new cook books that I've just brought and my fave mag - Hello Lunch Lady.

What is your daily sleep ritual?

Since I've been using The Goodnight Co. products, I wake up, have a cup of Good Morning Tea and put the diffuser on - I find this helps the whole house slowly wake up and start the day on a good note. At night, I use the diffuser with the Goodnight Oil Blend. I use my silk eye pillow and room spray just before I go to sleep. They are such beautiful products and have changed the quality of my sleep plus I go to sleep a lot faster now.

What did you like most about your TGC products?

They all smell amazing! I also love the quality and packaging. Very luxe and modern.
If you love Aysha's brand just as much as we do, take a look through her website, here. Or discover more of our Sleep With catch ups here


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