The First Step to Creating a Sleep Sanctuary

With the recent launch of our amazing Sleep Cleanse, we thought we’d share a snippet with you on how to create the perfect sleep sanctuary.

What makes a sleep sanctuary? It’s a stress free zone that promotes wholesome slumber. With a third of our lives spent asleep, it’s a mystery why people aren’t more invested in their own sleep environments. Nevertheless, as experts of sleep, The Goodnight Co. has established some easy ways to develop your sleep sanctuary and kick-start your snooze.

Find The Perfect Bed And Pillow

First and foremost, a perfect sleep sanctuary requires a mattress and pillow combination as fitting as Bonnie & Clyde – so comfy it makes the thought of staying awake that extra hour simply unbearable. If you have yet to experience this sensation, then it could be time to update your mattress and pillows!

We spend about 30,000 hours in each bed we buy so it’s important to choose wisely. When it comes to choosing the perfect mattress ensure that its supports the body at all points, keeping the spine in line with the best standing posture. Mattresses also have a life expectancy of around 9-10 years. Your preferred sleeping position can dictate the perfect pillow, it is worthwhile to speak with a bedding consultant about the perfect pillow choice for your sleeping style to avoid waking with stiffness. 

That’s all we’ll share for now, but if you want more ideas on how to create the perfect sleep sanctuary, check out our Sleep Cleanse eBook.