Why You Should Add Calm Drops to Your Handbag

Calm Drops. As the name suggests, these little drops of liquid gold are formulated with six rich herbal extracts that are clinically proven to help ease the mind and relieve anxious thoughts. A best seller for their ability to help us unwind after a long, stressful day, recent studies suggest that their benefits shouldn't be confined to the PM, here's why:


Anxiety affects our AM too

Our Calm Drops contain Plumbum, a key homeopathic ingredient used to relieve feelings of anxiety. Whilst it'd be much more manageable as a PM-only condition, anxiety can present itself at all hours of the day. So, whether you're about to present to a team, on the way to meet a new client or, simply dread the school pickup, we suggest taking a single dose of our Calm Drops 30 minutes before high-stress activities to preemptively combat a peak in your stress levels!

Fight the fidget!

If fidget spinners swamp your study space and you can't keep your hands still in a meeting, Plumbum is also linked to minimizing restlessness, which can help reduce signs of fidgeting brought on by nerves, stress and anxiety.

Keep the mood - and a positive one at that!

Another key homeopathic ingredient in our Calm Drops, Anacardium, has been linked to helping stabilize moods and alleviating feelings of uncertainty. Commonly prescribed on its own to provide temporary relief of absentmindedness and apprehensiveness, taking a standard dose of our Calm Drops may give you just the right amount of 'pep' to stay focused and nail that job interview or presentation!

The zinc-head link

If you have hair or nails, we're certain that at some point you've seen Zinc promoted as an active ingredient in healthy hair, skin and nail products. But beyond these superficial benefits, Zinc has been linked to relieving brain fog and dullness. So, next time you're stuck down with 3:30itis, take a dose of Calm Drops and both your inner and outer being will thank you!

Platinum touch

Everyone loves a touch of platinum, including our nervous system! A common reliever of numbness and headaches, Platinum is also linked to helping fight any overwhelmed feelings brought on by high-pressure situations....over thinkers we're looking at you!

Hypericum healer

In addition to alleviating frights and shocks, Hypericum is traditionally prescribed to treat injuries associated with nerves like puncture wounds, splinters and bites, making it a great 'in your bag' essential if you ever find yourself hurt on the go!


Recommended Use

We recommend you use your Calm Drops whenever you feel a burst of stress, brain fog or unease. Simply place 6-8 drops (about a full dropper) under your tongue and hold for approximately 10 to 15 seconds before swallowing. This helps the sublingual glands absorb the remedy and can be repeated as often needed throughout the day. For best results, we suggest avoiding food and drink for 30 minutes before taking your drops and always store them in a cool, dark place, away from EMF (electro-magnetic fields, like phones, TV, alarm clocks) as possible.

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