Your Most Thoughtful Christmas Gift Guide

Give the Gift of Sleep This Festive Season 

As we shimmy on into the festive season, sometimes it can feel like an impossible task to nail everyone's Christmas gift..... Particularly our older family and friends who are still working through the mugs and candles you got them last year! In an effort to avoid the shopping scramble and eliminate the stress of getting together, why not make 2020 your most thoughtful year of gift-giving with the help of our sleep hacking, Christmas gift guide:


Top Sleep Aids for Insomnia

With 60% of Australian’s reporting bouts of insomnia at some point in their lives, there are fairly good odds that a sleep focused Christmas gift could prove life-changing for your loved ones. 

Under $50 - Goodnight Essential Oil Roll On

With tones of lavender, chamomile and cedarwood oil, our Goodnight Roll On is a wonderful sleep aid. Make it part of their nightly routine to improve overall sleep quality and to help you get the rest they need.

Under $150 - Woodgrain Essential Oil Starter Kit 
Know a busy, sleep-deprived couple facing frequent bouts of insomnia? Gift them our Woodgrain Essential Oil Starter Kit and help transform their room into a tranquil sleeping sanctuary!


Gifts for Night Shift Workers

Night shift workers often experience higher demand for hours over Christmas as they work towards festive deadlines like stocking food shelves and delivering parcels!  

Under $50 - Sweet Dreams Sleep Mist 

Struggling to switch off and relax before bed? Our Sleep Mist brings harmony and balance to the bedroom. It contains clary sage, frankincense and geranium to soothe away stresses combined with lavender and sweet orange to calm your body for sleep

Under $70 - Silk Sleep Mask 

Sleeping hours all over the shop? A Silk Sleep Mask is the ideal sunlight blocker for those getting their zzz's during the day, (it also helps prevent wrinkles and moisture absorption preventing dull, dry skin)!


Support Sleep Deprived Parents 

New parents can sometimes miss out on personal gifting as gift-givers default to baby presents over the Christmas period.

Under $30  Goodnight Bath Bomb

For the perfect, I'm thinking of you gift, reward your sleep-deprived parents with our skin softening, dream-inducing Goodnight Bath Bomb. Handcrafted with a relaxing blend of aromas like Lavender which aids relaxation, Sweet Orange for calming the mind and Sunflower for muscular repair, this ball of goodness seriously brings spa day home!

Under $150  Ceramic Essential Oil Diffuser  

And, of course, for that perfect 'couple goals' gift, we can't go past our Ceramic Essential Oil Diffuser which helps busy parents get their serving of set and forget aromatherapy!

Under $200 - Ceramic Essential Oil Diffuser Starter Kit which includes 3x best selling 100% Pure Essential Oils!

Don't forget to add your favourite 100% Pure Essential Oils to the cart, or take the fuss out of choosing with our essential included - Ceramic Essential Oil Diffuser Starter Kit!