In bed with Shea

Sleep has always been important to me. It makes me a better mum, a better wife, a better all round person. I love sleep so much; Danielle and I founded The Goodnight Co. on wanting to help people achieve wellness through a good nights sleep.

I have always been a very good sleeper; growing up my parents were amazed that I could fall asleep anywhere at any time.  It’s quite a talent and I have always enjoyed a weekend afternoon nap. When I’m feeling over whelmed or stressed, sleep is my go to! It’s the perfect antidote to bring my balance back and get back on track. This doesn’t work for everyone and that’s why we were so passionate to share The Goodnight Co.’s beautiful products. We want to help other people enjoy then benefits of a good nights sleep.

Sleep in my twenties certainly looks different to sleep in my thirties but it still has a theme of having a sacred sleep routine. When my kids were babies this is something that really helped as well so we’re all on a sleep routine, not a strict routine but more of a sleep ritual. 7 is my magic sleep number, I’ve always been someone that calculates how many hours sleep I get if I go to bed now. Having kids, certainly switches this up but if I can get my magic 7 it helps for the next day in all aspects of my life. My yoga practice has taught me that between the hours of 10pm and 2am – the body repairs and for me it works.

My sleep ritual, starts early as I love thinking abut my bed. In a perfect world, we sometimes get there!? We’ll have dinner as a family and have some play time with our kids Molly and Max, we’ll aim to get them in bed by 7.30pm, again perfect world so it doesn’t always run so smoothly. The evening winds up with a glass of wine with my husband Pete chatting about the days wins and fails; there are usually plenty of those especially with running a start up. I’ll tuck myself in bed and I’ve recently discovered a thin memory foam pillow after trialling tuck loads but this helps with my neck problems. It’s covered in my silk navy pillowcase of course, perfect to snuggle next to. My sleep mist is firmly next to my bed and I spray it around the room and pop some balm on my temples to help me relax.  If I’m reading in bed I’ll light a candle to soften the room and help me to relax and just before I go to sleep I pop on my silk eye mask for complete block out.

Sleep has been a focus for our kids and to avoid being a sleep deprived mum it was always important for me to make sure my children were going to be good sleepers! I was recommended allot of books and found one that I resonated with called ‘Save our Sleep’, it’s based around routine (which I love being a routine person), I followed the routine very closely for both my children and have ended up with two great sleepers from the time they were 6 weeks old.

My morning routine I follow a similar ritual to my evening schedule. I get up and do 10,10,10 – 10 minutes of yoga, mediation and journalling first thing. The kids often end of the yoga mat with me so while it’s a calm way for me to ground myself before the day, the kids jump in on the fun.

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