Moon Series: Full Moon Libra

To celebrate the Astrological New Year, we are launching our new Moon Series. Astrologically, the New Year is a rather different concept to January 1st, and it does not begin until the Equinox around 20th March each year.

‘Equinox’ literally translates to ‘equal night’ and falls when the length of daylight hours is equal to the length of time with no sunlight. This takes place twice a year; at the Autumnal Equinox (first day of autumn) and again at the Vernal or Spring Equinox (first day of spring). It’s a powerful time of year and some countries even observe the date as a public holiday (Japan, we’re looking at you!)

Each month, Star Witch & Earth Poet, Mikailah Gooda, will share what the new moon means for us and how we can best prepare for the month ahead.


Full Moon 00 deg Libra

AEST Brisbane / Sydney / Melbourne 11:42am 21st March

AWST Perth 9:42am 21st March

            UT London 1:42am 21st March

            EDT New York 9.42pm 20th March

            PDT San Francisco 6:42pm 20th March

The full moon occurs every 29.5 days in a monthly lunar cycle.  This is when the sun and the moon are opposite each other in the arc of the sky. The full moon rises in the east as the sun is setting at dusk in the west. 

The moon moves through the 12 zodiacal signs every 2.5 days, therefore every month the full moon emanates a different sign’s energy, the same as the sun signs each year.  Although there are anomalies to this event which we will encounter in the next lunar cycle.

The moon embodies our emotions, dreams, sleep, fertility, hormones, intuition and the subconscious. The full moon is a symbolic time of illumination as we are in the zenith of the waxing phase (more on this next month). 

The moon governs the ebb and flow of the tides.  This is the gravitation pull of the moon’s energy on earth.  As humans we are approximately 75% water therefore, we experience this happening inwardly with our emotions every full moon cycle. 

Potentially this can have a disruptive flow in our lives if we are not synchronised with the lunar cycle to minimalize stress and develop a deeper connection with ourselves.  The light of the full moon does affect human behaviour.  It has been known to cause sleep disturbances and insomnia.  People may also experience a heightened time of creativity and feel energised and sociable.  To prepare yourself, it may be a good time to read or refresh yourself on sleeping with a disruptive partner

This month and next, we are celebrating the Full Moon in Libra representing harmony and beauty within relationships, to bring balance back into your life. Libra is a cardinal air sign, so harness this potentially motivating time to make decisions if you have been procrastinating. 

What have you attracted in your life that now needs to be released? 

Are your relationships where they truly allow yourself and the other to speak from the heart?  Are you really listening to what is being communicated?

Venus is the goddess of love and the planetary guardian of Libra.  Heavenly Venus represents grace, personal love, artistic projects, values & principles, social justice.  The shadow side is projection and blame, passive aggressive natures, co-dependence and avoidance tactics. 

This lunar cycle will highlight themes around unconscious emotions, balance or disruption in relationships, prosperity consciousness and individuation. 

Where do we compromise or sacrifice our own needs to keep another happy?  Ask yourself what is the price for this?

Utilise this full moon energy to bring balance back into your life to speak your truth from a place of diplomacy - this is the key principle.  Know you are worth it! 

Libra rules the fashion industry, beauty and ascetics.  Maybe spend some time this full moon giving your bedroom a makeover as part of your self-care.

Ritual is a potent way of transmuting outmoded belief systems into empowering ones.  Energy follows intent so a bath ritual is a wonderful way to express love for yourself. 

This month the full moon will be in the sign of Libra over two nights (21st-22nd March).  In the next lunar cycle, we celebrate another Full Moon in Libra on Friday 19thApril, so we have ample opportunity to engage these Venusian qualities.

To prepare your candle lit bath, place crystals of Moonstone and Rose Quartz around the space and use your specially chosen bath salts.

Set your intention for peace and beauty immersing in the bath for a sensual and relaxing experience.  After you have soaked luxuriously in the divine waters, anoint yourself with the Calm Essential Blend.

Use this time to love yourself more.  Cherish who you are in all the messiness of being human at times!  Give gratitude and then ground yourself by drinking a cup of Calm Tea.

Enjoy a beautiful relaxing night! 


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