Sleep Series: Sleep Deprivation & Being Tired All The Time

If your first thought on waking each morning is “no… not yet” it’s likely you’re getting poor quality sleep. And you’re in good company - feeling unrefreshed is one of the most common sleep issues in the wider community. As so many of us drag our tired selves out of bed on the dailyThe Goodnight Co. now have a Naturopathically curated pack specifically for your needs. Ye-ha!


A few things that trigger poor quality sleep or feeling unrefreshed in the morning may be:


You’re too plugged in.

Devices are great at connecting, however at this time disconnectionis the issue. Research proves that evening screen time directly impacts next morning alertness. The blue-light omitted by devices disrupts natural circadian rhythms.  Furthermore, this extensive reportfound we are most likely to use screens in an (ineffective) attempt to wind down. All of these factors get the same end result: overstimulation with less restorative sleep.


You’re adrenally or nutritionally depleted.

Adrenal fatigue and nutritional depletion commonly create fatigue. This is because the body’s demand for nutrients is not being met so persistent tiredness(even after a solid night’s sleep) becomes the norm. Stress can also make things worse by encouraging poor dietary choices and worsening depression, according to the clever minds atDeakin University.


You’re battling depression.

Beyond Blue state that 1 in 7Australians struggle with depression. If this is you, please know you’re not alone. Unfortunately for sufferers the direct impact of depression on sleep qualityis well documented. It tinkers with restorative sleep, meaning you may feel unrefreshed because you haven’t actually reached the deep sleep state required to restore and repair.


What you can do:


With a need to rebalance and replenish being the order of the day here, the unrefreshed sleeper wants to sleep deeper and wake brighter in the morning. To help you unplug, gain quality sleep and reach REM (then refresh yo’ self on waking) this pack includes:


Silk Sleep Mask

An additional barrier against sleep disruptors. To help you unplug, this luxurious sleep mask is the perfect assistant. It will block excess light, encouraging deeper restorative sleep.


Good Morning Roll On

The wake-up call we deserve. To feel uplifted and energized when you need it the most, this gorgeous blend applied to pulse points does the trick. Among other star ingredients is peppermint oil, which has been scientifically proven to reduce depression and help with this very common cause of fatigue.


Good Morning Tea

Wake but don’t overstimulate. This energizing tea containing iron rich dandelion to help alleviate fatigue. It’s also an excellent alternative to heavily caffeinated drinks which can worsen chronic fatigueand are proven to impact nutrient absorption.


Deep Sleep Homeopathic

Only available in Australia

To aid and encourage more restful z’s. This curated blend of homeopathic remedies offers stress relief which can in turn reduce the nutritional and adrenal depletion associated with unrefreshing sleep.

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