Sleep Series: How To Stop Waking Up During The Night

You got to sleep, hooray! So why can’t you stay there? Though falling asleep is initially promising, there is a large group for whom staying that way has become an incredibly frustrating daydream. 

A few of the reasons you wake up may be:


Something (or someone) is responsible.

If you’re a naturally light sleeper you most likely know (and have plotted against) your noise maker/wake-r. A snoring or wriggly partner, light that disrupts your melatonin cyclesor a busy night life in the street outside are all common triggers.  The reason some of us wake more easily than others is a bit of a mystery, though bio-individuality between nervous systems (particularly something called sleep spindles) is thought to be the cause.


Your diet is out of alignment.

While eating anything too close to bed time can impact sleep, certain foods are more problematic than others.  The main offenders are salty; causing dehydration, processed; impacting toxicity, high sugar; starting a rollercoaster for your blood sugar or alcoholic; well researched as a sleep disruptor for multiple reasons. We like to be aligned and sleep best when this is the case so focus on balance if this may be you.


Your body it trying to tell you something.

If you wake at the same time each night, Traditional Chinese Medicine may have an answer for you. According to this popular complementary therapy the body follows a strict self-care regime.  Two key detox organs (the liver and lungs) are scheduled for action between 1 and 5amso issues of air quality, environmental or lifestyle toxins just may be your unwelcome wake up caller.


What you can do:


By detoxing the sleep space and addressing environmental imbalances you can restore the much needed equilibrium required for stable sleep. To encourage these things, this pack includes:


Silk Sleep Mask

Block out the world and get the controlled, uninterrupted darkness required by many light sleepers to get their best sleep. Fabulous for travel, home or naps and a luxurious alternative to black out blinds.


Magnesium Spray

Only available in Australia

Used in hundreds of body processes, magnesium is a crucial balance mineral – particularly for the nervous system and metabolism. It’s also one of the most common deficiencies in our stressed-out modern world, so may help restore equilibrium and encourage less night time waking.



Sleep through the wrong kind of wake-up calls with a simple set of earplugs.  Combined with our eye mask this offers a sensory quiet space for optimal sleep.


Goodnight Essential Oil Roll On

With a strong focus on oils that balance hormones and the nervous system, this little treasure is the perfect fit for frequent waking. It also contains Lavender which has been proven to help both men and women reach a deeper, more restorative sleep.


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