Want to Improve Your Relationship With Sleep?

Sleep is something we do every day, but how often do you actually review your rest? If you feel you're tossing and turning more nights than not, it might be time to check in with your sleep ritual and life. We have created a quick questionnaire to make identifying your sleep troubles a little clearer.


1. What’s going on in your life now?

Deadlines at work, the never-ending to-do lists, worrying about what to buy your husband for their birthday. Our sleep is affected by what is present in our lives during our waking hours. Life events, deadlines, and stress are leading factors in lack of sleep. A great way to find the source is to try journaling before bed to empty your mind.

2. Do you feel safe?

Are you feeling safe in your bedroom? Find ways to create a calm soothing space for sleep. You might like to review the feng shui of your bedroom or try diffusing some essential oils as part of your sleep ritual.

3. Are you exposed to blue light at night?

Do you binge watch Netflix or watch a few Instagram stories to wind down of an evening? The blue light from our devices messes with our circadian rhythm, tricking your body into thinking it needs to stay awake. We suggest you switch them off 30 minutes before bedtime and opt for a quiet read instead.

4. Do you use a lot of stimulants, such as caffeine and sugar, throughout the afternoon and evening?

Addicted to an afternoon coffee or a sweet dessert? Having stimulants in the afternoon and evening could be disturbing your sleep. The 'sugar high' from sugar causes an increase in energy levels, while caffeine can block parts of your brain that detect the hormone responsible for sleepiness. We suggest swapping out the sugary, caffeine-laden treats for one of our Sleep Eats recipes, like this Cherry Ripe Smoothie.

5. Are you working late at night and into the early hours?

Working well into the night dramatically shifts your sleep cycles and leads to major fatigue of the body. This is because you're not allowing your mind to wind down before sleep. Plus, if you're working on your laptop, you've got that pesky blue light messing with your body too.

6. Are you stressed at work?

Stress disrupts your sleep, so managing your stress levels will improve the quality of your snooze time. Of course, stress isn't always avoidable, but you can manage it throughout the day by using an essential oil blend to promote calm feelings. You might also like to try a nice herbal tea or practicing a mindful meditation with crystals as part of your pre-sleep ritual.

7. Is there a situation that requires you to give a lot of emotional support?

Is one of your mates or loved ones experiencing a hard time? When your friends and family experience stress and need emotional support, this can be draining on you and affect your sleep. As you are taking care of your loved ones, don't forget about the importance of 'me time' too. Try to find simple things throughout your day to make yourself feel cared for, like a hot bath or a walk at sunset.

8. Is someone keeping you up at night?

Sharing a bed with your partner can make it difficult to rest, especially if they are getting into bed later than you or if they're a snorer. Try sleeping with a silk sleep mask to block out excess light and earplugs for the sound (and snores!). Eight questions to find out what's keeping you up at night.